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Run Slimserver on Asus WL500G Premium

ASUS WL-500g Premium V1

Asus WL500G Premium is a very interesting device. Basically it’s WiFi router with four ports for wired connection. Additionally it equiped with two USB ports. Using one of those ports and external hard drive we can easily get NAS.

Moreover, the sources of WL500G’s firmware are available on the ASUS web site. As result there is a custom versions of firmware with extended functionality (possibility to run Torrent client, for example).

If you have Squeezeboxes you can turn WL500G into music streamer for your devices using those recommendations to install and run SlimServer there.

I thought to buy Asus WL500G because it provides amazing functionality. But it has a big disadvantage – lack gigabit ports and 802.11n. I can live without hight speed WiFi connection but wired gigabit network is required for streaming media content (especially HD) over the house. So, I decided to wait for availability of Belkin N+ Wireless Router.

How to remove commercials from MythTV recordings

If you’re tired to watch ad in the your MythTV recordings you may follow by this howto which explain the way to remove it from your favourite shows. As result you won’t be interrupted during playback and the size of the the storage will be reduce.

Fresh channels.conf for VDR

If you don’t want to scan channels on your VDR box by yourself there is a place where the fresh channels.conf can be found. Site VDR Settings offers a channels.conf for the most famous satellites for DVB-S and DVB-S2. Additionally there is a list of transponders taken from Lyngsat and Kingofsat.

New Z-Wave interface for LinuxMCE

The new Z-Wave interface for LinuxMCE is developed hardly now. Currently there is a test version of the interface for i386. Source can be found here.

Following features are already implemented:

  • Light control (binary, dimmable)
  • Floorplan feedback from local operations and from ALL ON/OFF commands
  • Lighting wizard integration
  • Busy handling for newer chips
  • PIR support in alarm and sensor mode
  • Binary sensor support
  • Basic wake-up handling (queue is still missing)

and those are coming soon:

  • Download configuration
  • Multi command handling
  • RA-plus-w setback schedule thermostat support
  • Merten Dongle support
  • Multilevel sensor support

To buy Z-Wave stuff in Europe you can use some shop listed in that wiki page.

Crestron Home Automation Meets iPhone

Creston Home Automation Meets iPhone

It seems that Crestron didn’t satisfy with iViewer – iPhone application offered easy and universal way to implement an interface to the TCP/IP based home automation systems (including Crestron itself). On the CEDIA 2008 Crestron demonstrated its iPhone gear. It allows a complete control and management of home entertainment, AV presentation and environmental systems such as climate, lighting and shades using intuitive graphical interface. That interface provides a real-time status of room temperature, lighting levels, shade position and digital media meta data such as volume, title and artist.

The Crestron Control App for the iPhone can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store without any charges.

[via Remote Shoppe]

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