XBMC ‘Atlantis’ Beta 1 released


Recently the Beta 1 of Linux-based media center software XBMC was released. Originally created for Microsoft XBox it’s available now for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. There is a possibility to try Atlantis without installation (thanks to LiveCD).

XBMC offers a full set of features for HTPC: organize media library, playback video files, listen music, show photos. Its functionality can be extended using plugins and GUI can be customized using themes. There is an only one missed feature – Personal Video Recorder (PVR). But according to rumors XBMC development team is working to implement it. Definitely it won’t be in this release. Because the final version is scheduled for October right after Ubumtu 8.10.

I played with Boxee – another media center software with social features. XBMC team participates its development. I like Boxee. It’s really good and user friendly. There is only one reason why I don’t use it on my media center – lack of PVR functionality. I’m going to play a bit with Atlantis too.

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