New Z-Wave interface for LinuxMCE

The new Z-Wave interface for LinuxMCE is developed hardly now. Currently there is a test version of the interface for i386. Source can be found here.

Following features are already implemented:

  • Light control (binary, dimmable)
  • Floorplan feedback from local operations and from ALL ON/OFF commands
  • Lighting wizard integration
  • Busy handling for newer chips
  • PIR support in alarm and sensor mode
  • Binary sensor support
  • Basic wake-up handling (queue is still missing)

and those are coming soon:

  • Download configuration
  • Multi command handling
  • RA-plus-w setback schedule thermostat support
  • Merten Dongle support
  • Multilevel sensor support

To buy Z-Wave stuff in Europe you can use some shop listed in that wiki page.

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