One click installation for Nokia N800/N810 Orbiter

Finally, the repository for Nokia Internet Table Orbiter was setup (thanks to Andrew Herron from Convergent Home Technologies Ltd) to provide one click installation for Orbiter. Actually, that possibility is available for OS2008 (Chinook and Diablo) only. There is no way to specify more then one repository in Mistral (I suppose nobody use it now) and Bora (it’s used on Nokia770 only I guess). So, if you don’t have OS2008 on your device you should add Maemo and Maemo Extra repositories first.

Anyway, with new one click installation the Orbiter can be installed on your device easily and quickly.

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    1. Sam, 2. September 2008, 15:51

      It worked great on my N770. Thank you !

      I wonder if the speed and stability are much better on an N800? I’m considering to buy a few more to use for example as security control panels with the orbiter.

  • Michael Stepanov, 2. September 2008, 21:12

    Good 🙂 I’m going to upload tomorrow the new version of the Orbiter for OS2007. There is a few bug-fixes.

    N800 is much better then Nokia770. So, if you’d like to know my opinion – I’d buy definitely N800.

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