Logitech has announced Squeezebox Boom officially

The Logitech Squeezebox Boom

Logitech has announced Squeezebox Boom – “all-in-one” version of its popular network audio player Squeezebox. It’s equiped with an integrated amplifier and high-performance speakers. Basically, the Squeezebox Boom provides the same features as Squeezebox. But it doesn’t need additional speakers. The Squeezebox Boom supports many on-line music services such Pandora®, Rhapsodyâ„¢, Sirius®, Last.fmâ„¢, Slackerâ„¢, MP3tunes, RadioTime, Radio IO and Live365. I liked Squeezebox. And I like its ‘all-in-one’ version too. Using a few boxes and LinuxMCE it’s easy to build multi-room audio system.

The new Squeezebox Boom will be available in September at $299.99.

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