14 Interesting home control applications for iPhone


iPhone becomes more and more popular in the home control industry. Here is a list of the most popular or fresh applications for Apple’s gadget which can help consumers to manage their houses more efficient:

  • AirRemote – turns iPhone into smart remote control. It uses WiFi to send commands and needs GC100 to transmit them to IR.
  • ILoveControl is another universal remote control implementation for iPhone. But it allows to control not A/V equipment but all devices added in the Crestron, AMX, Control4, Lifeware, Lutron or NetStreams.
  • iPhone interface to control Lagotek smarthome systems
  • iPhone interface for SpeakerCraft music systems is web-based but extremely expensive – $1000 for pre-configured device and ERS 1.0 Ethernet-to-serial adapter run web server!
  • Savant Systems iPhone Interface provides a full control for its systems.
  • NetLinc Insteon Central Controller includes an iPhone interface to control INSTEON devices connected to that controller.
  • HAI WL3 is an iPhone optimized web interface to control HAI smarthome systems.
  • TiVoRemote turns iPhone into remote control for TiVo boxes. It sends commands via TCP/IP.
  • MyMote allows to control your MythTV box from iPhone.
  • iPhone interface for home automation system mControl.
  • MythTV for iPhone is a MythTV front-end for iPhone. You can watch LiveTV or recorded shows.
  • Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone offers a simple way to listen and manage you Asterisk voice mail from any place where you can find WiFi connection.
  • Promix’s iPhone UI to control its smarthome system Girder.
  • Technology BD Touch allows to user iPhone as a remote control for Blu-ray players. I’m not sure that it’ll be so interesting as AirRemote or ILoveControl.

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    1. Jarrod, 11. August 2008, 5:16

      CommandFusion iViewer is another iPhone app for home automation control that will be available soon. It also can control any software or hardware capable of TCP Socket communications, with a little programming of course – thanks to the simple protocol iViewer uses.

      It also allows for a fully custom UI using the CommandFusion guiDesigner software.

      Check it all out at http://www.commandfusion.com and coming soon to the AppStore.

  • Michael Stepanov, 11. August 2008, 22:28

    Cool. It’d might be used in LinuxMCE because it’s TCP/IP based system. Will see that project.

  • Jarrod, 19. August 2008, 3:56

    CommandFusion iViewer is out in the AppStore now, free download.

    Just program it into your home automation system, design a sweet GUI using the guiDesigner software, and your set!

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