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One click installation for Nokia N800/N810 Orbiter

Finally, the repository for Nokia Internet Table Orbiter was setup (thanks to Andrew Herron from Convergent Home Technologies Ltd) to provide one click installation for Orbiter. Actually, that possibility is available for OS2008 (Chinook and Diablo) only. There is no way to specify more then one repository in Mistral (I suppose nobody use it now) and Bora (it’s used on Nokia770 only I guess). So, if you don’t have OS2008 on your device you should add Maemo and Maemo Extra repositories first.

Anyway, with new one click installation the Orbiter can be installed on your device easily and quickly.

Universal control application for iPhone


iViewer is an application for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to control any hardware or software capable of TCP/IP socket communication. Once of good application of iViewer is control of home automation systems such Crestron, AMX, Control4 or LinuxMCE.

The iViewer has fully customisable interface. The guiDesigner offers all tools to create user-friendly and functional GUI (for people who familiar with Crestron or AMX’s interface design software using guiDesigner won’t be a problem).

iViewer is available on the Apple’s AppStore store for free download. So, don’t miss it!

As I know LinuxMCE developers investigate possibility to use iViewer with LinuxMCE. It’d be great. Because currently iPhone owners can use web orbiter only.

Logitech has announced Squeezebox Boom officially

The Logitech Squeezebox Boom

Logitech has announced Squeezebox Boom – “all-in-one” version of its popular network audio player Squeezebox. It’s equiped with an integrated amplifier and high-performance speakers. Basically, the Squeezebox Boom provides the same features as Squeezebox. But it doesn’t need additional speakers. The Squeezebox Boom supports many on-line music services such Pandora®, Rhapsodyâ„¢, Sirius®, Last.fmâ„¢, Slackerâ„¢, MP3tunes, RadioTime, Radio IO and Live365. I liked Squeezebox. And I like its ‘all-in-one’ version too. Using a few boxes and LinuxMCE it’s easy to build multi-room audio system.

The new Squeezebox Boom will be available in September at $299.99.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

OpenGL Plutohome Orbiter on Nokia770


When I played with Nokia770 under OS2005 I built the Plutohome Orbiter with OpenGL support. As result I run UI2 with overlay on Nokia770. it was completely useless because UI2 was designed for Gyration remote control or mouse pointer. So, on Nokia770 it was difficult to navigate through menu.

Dark Knight MythTV Theme

Dark Knight MythTV Theme

The new story about fearless high-tech fighter with crime Batman was very success with both earned money and viewers’ rating (to be honest I wasn’t impressed by that movie). If you like it you can setup a new Dark Knight based theme for your MythTV box. Unfortunately, it has 4:3 aspect ratio. So, it won’t be situated for the wide screen TVs. You can download the theme from the Rapidshare.

[via MythTV News]

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