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VDRAdmin-AM v3.6.2 is out

30th of June was released a new version of VDRAdmin-AM – alternative web interface for VDR. The v3.6.2 contains following major changes:

  • No need to set the VFAT option in VDRAdmin-AM any longer as both filename codings will be searched for.
  • Include UTF8 locales by default.
  • Added support for modifying EPGSearch blacklists.
  • Show stream and switch buttons in prog_summary on channels without EPG information.

Additionally a few translations was added and minor bugs were fixed.

VDRAdmin-AM is a fork of VDRAdmin. It became more popular than its parent. It’s a result of good localization, quick bug fixing and implementing requested features, support of all well-known web browsers.

Roku Netflix Player is potential $100 MythFrontend

Roku Netflix Player

After Roku released Netflix Player and opened codes of its software people started thinking about using it as MythFrontend. Amazing functionality – decoding MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, H.264 and support HD content (1080i/720p), nice design and, of course, good price can make with Netflix Player the same as was done for Hauppauge MediaMVP. It isn’t a problem that the player is designed for Roku IPTV service. MediaMVP was also expected to work in the Microsoft environment. But now it’s full-featured front-end for MythTV. Well, let’s see.

[source: MythTV News]

AirRemote – smart remote control for iPhone


Another good application for iPhone/iPod Touch – AirRemote. Together with Global Cache box it converts Apple’s device into smart remote control. The actual commands are sent via WiFi to the Global Cache box which converts them to infrared, serial or contact-closure for controlling everything from a home theater system to lighting controls to motorized blinds. As result you can control all A/V equipment. Plus some home automation devices. Additionally to that AirRemote can communicate with AMX or Crestron systems. All iPhone/iPod Touch owners can get AirRemote just for $99 from the iTunes Application store after July 11.

As you may see similar application was developed for Nokia Internet Tablet – Ir Remote Control. But the Maemo product uses
IR Trance Ethernet instead of Global Cache box and LIRC. Plus it’s free and open source.

[via CEpro]

Using iPhone/iPod Touch as TiVo remote control

TiVoRemote for iPhone/iPod Touch

TiVoRemote is a small GUI application which allows to control TiVo boxes using your stylish iPhone or iPod Touch. It sends remote control commands to the TiVo box TCP port via WiFi.

The latest version of TiVoRemote has the ability to automatically detect TiVo box in your network. So, you won’t spend your time to add it manually. Manual setup still should be done for Series 3 TiVo and TiVoHD only. But it’ll be fixed next versions I guess.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

Threshold Launched its new Home Automation System

Threshold  Home Automation System

Threshold recently released its new wireless home automation system. The interesting feature of that system is “ConfigSpot” technology. It offers an easy and efficient way to configure devices added to the system.

The heart of the Threshold’s automation system is a Standalone Home System Master Controller. It combines WiFi broadband router, home controller and access point for Threshold’s wireless devices. Thanks to ConfigSpot feature adding and configuring new devices can be done just by pressing blue button on the device. ConfigSpot automatically and wirelessly programs the new device with network addresses, security keys, passwords, device names and other necessary configuration information.

Threshold offers a wide range of devices supported different home automation protocols: X10, Z-Wave and ZigBee. You can find security cameras, motion detectors, thermostats, outlet modules and much more. All outlet and power control modules includes energy measurement module. That module will help to consumer monitor and reduce energy consumption to save the money and environment.

Watch the demo video of new Threshold’s home automation system after jump.
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