New HomeSeer controller

HomeSeer HomeTroller 2

HomeSeer is going to ship its new home controller – HomeTroller Series 2. The diskless and fanless unit is designed for low energy consumption. It provides an interface to the Lutron®, Leviton®, Z-Wave®, UPB®, Insteon® subsystems and can be controlled from in-wall button controllers, touchscreens, wireless remotes, microphones, PDAs, PocketPCs, telephones (voice and touch-tone control) and personal computers. Built-in web server offers easy way for unit configuration and access to the system from anywhere.

The HomeTroller Series 2 runs Embedded Windows XP w/HSProtectâ„¢ and HomeSeer HS2+ w/HSSentryâ„¢ software. The price is $895.00.

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