Fedora-based commercial HTPC

Encore Cirgon

New Linux-based commercial media center is gonna be ship in August. The Cirgon supports 1080i HD resolution and offers 320GB, 500GB, and 750GB hard drive options together with controls management and playback of music, photos, and video. The full spec of HTPC is available here. The price is starting at $2000.

Personally I’m happy to see another commercial product which uses Linux as operation system (Fedora in case of Cirgon). But as I see that HTPC misses a few important features. First of all, Cirgon is designed for HDTV. But it offers DVI output and not HDMI. Also the HTPC equiped by 10/100 Base-T Ethernet while Gigabit LAN is a standard de-facto now. And the last but important missed feature is PVR. This means that Cirgon cannot play, record and paused LiveTV. Taking into account the price Cirgon and missed features in my opinion it might be more reasonable to buy Popcorn Hour instead of it or build your own box based on VDR or MythTV.

In any case, it’s good tendency that producers started to use Linux for their commercial media centers.

[via LinuxDevices]

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