Will replace Lua Ruby in LinuxMCE?

Today I found this discussion on the LinuxMCE developer forum about a search of light alternative for Ruby. Ruby is used to implement the custom logic of new devices added in the system. It’s called Generic Serial Device or GSD. Ruby is good for that purpose except it’s heavy a bit. So, the idea is to find something lighter but with the same embedded properties to provide basic home automation control and a/v control on a very cheap platform.

The Lua seems a good option. It’s simple, easy embedded and light. So, most probably it’ll chosen by LinuxMCE developers. Because there are more positive responses so far.

I developed an interface on Ruby between custom controller, based on ICPDAS, and LinuxMCE. I like Ruby because it looks like Perl. And I didn’t spend a lot of time to learn it. Haven’t seen any row of code by Lua yet. But if it’ll replace Ruby in GSD will port the interface to the new language. Or maybe Ruby and Lua will be available in GSD both. In any case will see.

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