MythTV for iPhone


I already wrote about project “Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone”. It give possibility for all owners of iPhone to access and manage their Asterisk voice mail messages. Now it’s time to add to that cool gadget watching videos recorded with MythTV.

The new software allows not only streaming recorded video from MythTV back-end to the iPhone but also browse recorded shows, look at show details and even control your other (PC based) MythFrontend with a web-based remote control.

The MythTV for iPhone uses the same approach as Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone. There is no iPhone native application. Instead of that it uses customized web interface. So, theoretically, you can access to your MythTV back-end from any place where is WiFi access.

MythTV for iPhone can be downloaded from the Google Code Project. Also you can find there detailed instructions howto install, configure and use that software.

Live demo after jump.

[via AutomatedHome]

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