LinuxMCE 0710 RC

It seems that LinuxMCE development team is ready to release 0710. The first (and last) release candidate was announced today. I didn’t find the distribution anywhere yet. But when RC will be available for downloading I won’t be able to test it. Because tomorrow me and my wife Maria go to London for four days. So, I’ll install the stable version I hope when we return back.

You can see the full change log between 0704 and 0710 here. The most important things are support for amd64, support for 1080p, adding the latest MythTV packages, integration with VDR 1.6.0, Telecom refactoring, upgrading Xine and nVidia drivers.

To monitor the LinuxMCE 0710 RC news check that forum topic.

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    1. Sam, 30. April 2008, 8:07

      Mmh it means then that 0710 final will not have VDR capability on media directors. Time to switch back to mythtv 🙁

  • Michael Stepanov, 30. April 2008, 9:30

    It seems we won’t have a full VDR integration in 0710. But I’m still a big fan of VDR 🙂 So, I’ll wait for proper implementation.

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