Toshiba lunches new LCDs with Ethernet and built-in DVR


Toshiba announced a new line of its LCD TVs. The top of the line ZH500 series measures in at 52- and 46-inches with 120Hz VA panels, 4x HDMI (1080/60p, 24p) inputs, 3x Ethernet (with DLNA support), 2x USB, Bluetooth, Firewire, SD slot and a DVR to record TV shows to the built-in 300GB HDD. If I understand clearly Toshiba added three Ethernet interfaces to have possibility use three external HDD via an I-O Data REGZA drive wrapped in DTCP-IP DRM. Because actually TV cannot be added to home network similar way as PC.

The new Toshiba TVs should be available for buying in May and June with price range from $1580 to $5580 according to their size and specification.

[via Engadget]

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