Wireless Lighting Control with JetStream


Recently I found an interesting wireless lighting control system which doesn’t need a separated controller. Its name is JetStream. It uses reliable mesh network ZigBee to communicate between devices. Here is a few main features of the system:

  • Up to 100 scenes
  • Up to 50 timed events (requires RS-232 or Ethernet Bridge)
  • 512 dimming levels
    • Preset dimming levels for each load
    • Every load is capable of dimming
    • Soft On/Off: 0 – 800 seconds each control
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Intuitive PC configuration software accessible (requires USB Bridge)
  • Configuration is stored in each device. A backup file is also created on the PC during configuration.

The system includes two 3-button dimmers, three 1-button dimmers, one car remote and has four pre-programmed scenes Welcome, All on, Goodnight and Entertain. All of that is $700. Additionally tabletop 8-button keypads, lamp modules, IR receivers and USB/RS232/Ethernet bridge can be added. Also the JetStream can be easily integrated with JetPak security and HVAC control system.

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