AMX will use LinuxMCE 0710 for its next controllers

Open source technologies are good and success. As example I can give you following. Today AMX decided to use LinuxMCE 0710 as a software for the next generation of its home controllers. That decision is result of extremely fast growing open source system for home automation and wide range of supporting hardware and protocols. The price and availability of AMX controllers with LinuxMCE are not known yet.

Next well-known player in the smarthome area Crestron lost its chance to get LinuxMCE. So, maybe Crestron will try to reanimate Pluthome.

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    1. Michael Stepanov, 2. April 2008, 11:23

      Sure it’s just a joke 🙂 But who knows …

  • Grba, 2. April 2008, 17:13

    It must be 1st April Joke 🙂

  • Michael Stepanov, 6. April 2008, 19:54

    He-he-he. Currently yes but who knows 🙂

  • Harald Steindl, 1. April 2009, 22:18

    hehehe, nice try!
    However I guess it is just a matter of time til some of these open source projects are being seriously used by companies like these two. But at the moment most of the projects are way too geeky to be considered.

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