Control4 announced its new controller

control4 hc500

Control4 has added Linux-based, ZigBee-compatible home automation/media networking controller – HC-500. It’s positioned as the mainstream controller choice in between Control4’s low-end HC-300 and luxury HC-1000. The primary goal of producing of HC-500 is a media server, intended for large home theaters requiring extensive I/O connections for device control. However, it also will coordinate lighting, temperature, video cameras, and manual controls such as blind- and garage-door openers. The HC-500 sprots a 160GB hard drive which is, in my opinion, extremely small even for modern media center. Additionally it’s equipped with two USB ports, one Ethernet port, four serial ports (DB9), analog and digital audio I/O jacks, and ZigBee and optional WiFi adapter (Control4 chooses ZigBee because it’s an open standard, unlike Z-Wave, and has more bandwidth. However, support of Z-Wave is gonna be added as well).

The HC-500 can be controlled via on-screen GUI on TV, a various touchscreens or web interface. Using Windows-based Composer Home Edition application, users can customize the system according to his/her requirements.

The HC-500 is shipping now and tagged at $1500.

[via LinuxDevices]

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    1. alain, 16. September 2008, 16:41

      When you look at the specification of control4, it look very good compare to the competition. But when it is install, with all the features, it become an other stories. In my case, the system is unstable. The HC1000 from Control4 goes down one day every 7 days. So, if you have to rely on control4 for your house security, it very problematic. If you use Control4 for wake up (turn on the music and the lights of your bedroom) again it is of no use. The day, I need to be at the airport early, I can not rely on control4. I can not be in contact with Control4 support office. No, the support is to be offered by your dealer (that install and sold you the system). If you want to use Control4 for music distribution only, it is a good system. When Control4 goes down, I power on/off the HC1000 and in minutes, the system is back again. So, for other application then music, then I do not recommend it.

  • Michael Stepanov, 25. September 2008, 10:04

    Yes, it the first glass Control4 looks nice and impressive. But opinion of people who really use it is very helpful. I guess that all commercial system have some pitfalls. That’s why it’s better to use open source solution (if you have knowledge, of course). BTW what your dealer told you? Maybe you can sent request to Control4 directly and it pushes your dealer to fix the problem?

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