Myka + BitTorrent = TorrentTV

Myka + BitTorrent = TorrentTV

Company from Boston Myka offers a simple way to watch video files downloaded from the Torrents directly on your TV. The box looks like Mac Mini (this is my favourite form-factor for media client). So, it won’t break your living room interior. The Myka comes with Ethernet or WiFi to connect to Internet and with an internal hard drive with a choice of an 80-gigabyte, 160-gigabyte and a 500-gigabyte model. So, you will able to download video content and store in the box or watch directly on TV. The box sports HDMI, Composite, S-Video and SPDIF ports. It supports HD (up to 1080i), MPEG4 and various well-known audio and video codecs.

Myka will be available in the summer of 2008. But you can do pre-order now – $299.00, $349.00 and $459.00 for 80GB, 160GB and 500GB respectively.

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