Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone

iPhone and asterisk

The project Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone might be interesting for all owners of iPhone and users of PBX Asterisk. It allows to list messages, listen to messages, display caller-id information, delete messages, move messages, return calls and change voicemail settings all from your iPhone. All you need to install additional software on your Asterisk box. That software is also can be used in LinuxMCE. Because it comes with FreePBX to organize home telephony. The Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone can be downloaded from here and life demo is available here (use your iPhone).

If I understand clearly the access to the Asterisk Voicemail from iPhone is realized via HTTP. So, if it’s like that theoretically it might be possible to use any other smartphone.

[via Asterisk Blog]

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    1. Michael Verruto, 18. August 2008, 4:52

      Is there an app yet that would allow me to make iPhone’s an/or iPod Touch devices “extensions” on our Asterisk based VOIP systems? Not looking for a VOIP app OUTSIE the home/office net, more so that I can use the iPhones as additional mobile “extensions” that register with the asterisk over WiFI like my samsung and other IP wireless phones can!!!

  • Michael Stepanov, 18. August 2008, 18:28

    Hi Michael, you have a look iCall, Fring or sipgate.

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