Logitech Harmony One Remote Control video revew

Logitech Harmony One Remote Control

Mavromatic made good video review of Logitech’s Harmony One Remote Control. The remote looks nice. It includes a 2.5” color touchscreen LCD and can be easily connected to PC for update its database of IR codes. The database is very huge and includes all known brands. The preferences of remote can be stored online using Logitech web service. So, you won’t loose them or will able to access them from any PC.

Now fly in the ointment. The combination of hard keys and touchscreen doesn’t look handy. It’s impossible to perform all operations using only one hand. Because the price is not cheap the Harmony One Remote Control seems an appropriate solution only if consumer has a few A/V or other IR controlled devices which are not connected to any home automation system. Otherwise it might be more efficient to use something like Nokia Internet Tablet with integrated smarthome interface.

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    1. Sagar, 3. January 2009, 13:12

      as you said about the price i would also kije to say that the prices are too high it’s just a small remote and for so high prices …..i would like to prefer my all other remotes than this…..

  • Michael Stepanov, 7. January 2009, 13:46

    So hight price is caused by its wide functionality. Personally I also wouldn’t by it. But maybe somebody will find it useful.

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