Mvix announced HDMI Equipped HD Media Player

MV780 HD Media Player

Recently Mvix lunched a new version of its media player MV780. Unlike the previous model – MV760, the MV780 sports a native HDMI output. As result it can deliver full 1080i HD to your plasma or LCD without losing signal quality.

Unlike other network media players MV780 doesn’t need any additional software. When it’s added in your home LAN using Ethernet or WiFi the media player is detected as external storage. So, you can copy there any media content easily (additionally MV760 offers a synchronization between PCs in the local network or with popular filesharing programs, i.e. eMule, KaZaa, BitTorrent). Disadvantage of that approach is impossibility to stream movies or music directly from the source PC without storing locally.

The MV760 supports a huge number media formats. So, you shouldn’t have a situation when the movie cannot be played or image isn’t displayed. The new Mvix player seems very good but personally I don’t like its design. It looks like DSL model or WiFi router for me. Moreover, the MV760 cannot be placed horizontally under TV and it will stand out against a background of your A/V equipment.

No more words about the availability of the Mvix MV760 or its price. But taking into account the cost of the previous model we expect that the MV760 will be tagged not less then €250.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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