Automated Bath Filling System

Automated Bath Filling System

Unique Automation announced its new product – automated bath filling system Bath-O-Matic. It automatically lowers the motorized plug, fills up the bathtub to a predetermined temperature and depth, and can even add bubble bath and fragrances to the water. Additionally, the Bath-O-Matic auto adjusts depending on pressure, temperature, and never overflows. It can be integrated with AMX, Crestron or any other home automation system via RS232 or Ethernet(?) port.

Unique Automation offers two models of Bath-O-Matic: Basic – with a controller, motorized waste kit and basic UI and Eco Ultimate – with an eco controller, motorized waste kit with filler, basic UI, in-line heater and eight-way oil dispenser.

People who likes taking a bath can get Bath-O-Matic for around £4000.

[via CePro and AutomatedHome]

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