Lutron Abella – dimmer with extended functions

Lutron Abella

Lutron Abella is not just a simple dimmer. Except possibility to set lighting level it offers another good feature. If the on/off button is pressing till the LED flashes and then releasing, the Abella dimmer gives you 30 seconds delay before your lights fade to off. It might be useful if you don’t have emote control but don’t want to go to bed in the dark. The Abella has buttons featuring a sleek, curved design that is comfortable on your fingertips. Built-in LED which moves as you change the light level, makes the lighting control more user friendly. Included power-failure memory will save your preferences even power will be down some time.

Play with flash demo of Abella dimmer from Lutron. You can see it in action.

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    1. J Reich, 7. September 2009, 16:41

      The first Abella Duo I installed did not dim and the led did not illuminate. I exchanged the first and the second worked properly at the time of installation. About 24 hours after installation the second dimmer set did not function at all. The installation is in a newly finished basement. All new wiring.

  • Michael Stepanov, 9. September 2009, 10:45

    Hmm. So, Lutron is not so good as we expect …

  • Ross, 23. November 2009, 21:55

    Mr Reich’s experience seems to be a rare one, Lutron are known for having a pretty amazing quality record. I’ve never used this particular switch, but I’ve never had this type of problem with other Lutron hardware.

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