MV780 HD Media Player

MV780 HD Media Player

Today Mvix launched the HDMI equipped HD Media Player – MV780. Unlike the similar devices the MV780 has a built-in 3.5″ HDD (up to 750Gb) and can not only receive media content from PC to display on TV but store it locally. It has a native HDMI output to deliver a full HD (1080i) signal to your TV. Also the MV780 doesn’t need special software on the PC. Just add it into your home network using WiFi (802.11n) or LAN connection and it will appear for the rest PCs as external HDD. It should be doesn’t mutter what operation system run your PC – Linux, MacOSX or Windows. The unit have to work correctly with all of them. Thanks to syncing function the MV780 can sync with any PC in your network or with filesharing PNP services such eMul or BitTorrent.

The is no any word about availability and price of the MV780. But if you take into account the price of previous model MV760HD (€260) you can approximate the cost for MV780.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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