Next generation of luxury remote


A new model of luxury remote with touchscreen NevoS70 was announced on the CES 2008. Its features include:

  • Non-line of sight control using Z-Wave(TM) bidirectional wireless communications to ensure reliable command execution and to show the power status of entertainment equipment in the home
  • Extended battery life and broad home coverage
  • Connection to the home network for multimedia control with industry standard wireless technology (802.11g)
  • Ability to view and control any device that has a compatible embedded web server, such as many web-based cameras and media servers
  • Control for many home automation devices
  • Access to web-based services to deliver real-time information such as news, sports and stock quotes

Together with a NevoConnect NC-50 base station, NevoS70 provides non-line of site IR control, serial device control and power sensing for efficient macro programming and control. NevoS70 communication is based on industry standards—WiFi, UPnP and Z-Wave—to ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices in home entertainment, control, and networking.

Sounds amazing! Looks also. To get NevoS7 in your hand you should just wait a bit and pay $1,199. This is a tiny cost for such perfect device.

[via CePro]

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