Belkin announced its HDMI Wireless Transmitter

Belkin Flywire HDMI Wireless Transmitter

Belkin announced its new product (perfect as usual) – HDMI Wireless Transmitter FlyWire. It allows to transmit full HD signal (1080p, 24-frame) up to 30 meters away. The transmitter has 6 inputs: 2 HDMI, 2 component, a composite/S-Video AV set, and a SCART (SCART is gonna be replaced by third HDMI for the North American version). Different sources have different opinions about transmitting non HD signal from non-HDMI sources: same of them say that FlyWire can upconvert SD signal to 1080p, the rest – it leaves it at its native resolution. In any case, it should be available detailed specification till the HDMI transmitter will start to sell in summer 2008. Expected price of the FlyWire is $500 – $600 which seems reasonable for possibility to get rid of wires.

[sources: eHomeUpgrade and CNet]

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