LinuxMCE 0710 beta 3 is out!

Finally LinuxMCE beta 3 is available for downloading via Torrent. There are a version for AMD64 (I’m gonna test it on my 64bit box). It includes the latest Xine and MythTV, VDR, FreeBPX (replaced AMP), latest nVidia drivers etc. Full changes can be found here. Post your feedback here.

There is a way to upgrade existing installation (0704 or 0710) because installation for DVD will remove everything. Just will keep setting (but it’s better to do backup before upgrade). I thought upgrade my Beta 2 but finally decided install from DVD 64bit version. So, tonight I’m gonna be very busy (if DVD will be downloaded fast, of course).

Also, it’ll be possible to get test builds which will be created every six hours. So, now it’ll be much easily to test new versions.

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