TED got a PC interface with sotware


Finally energy monitor TED got a PC interface and software to collect measurement information and display it in human understandable format on your PC. TED Footprint is a “data-logging software designed to provide very detailed information about your use of electricity”. It offers following:

  • Dashboard view of real-time usage, displaying all data stored within TED on your PC
  • View data in kW, Dollar, or in CO2 format at the push of a button
  • Logs Time of Use in kWh, Dollars and Voltage
  • Graphs/charts all logged data in kWh, Dollars, or Voltage
  • Graphs/charts are printable
  • Calendar for viewing is flexible: view day, week, month, year.
  • Data is logged in background
  • Data is logged in Excel format, as well as .htm format for further user analysis
  • Load-Profile major appliances, such as Water Heater, HVAC system, or other heavy loads. Records time-of-use, run-time and cost-to-run specified loads.

To use TED Footprint software you have to purchase an upgrade your TED monitor, including a new firmware and TED Footprint. Personally, I’d like to use TED to monitor the energy consumption in my home. But the TED Footprint is based on Windows and doesn’t offer API. So, it won’t be possible to integrate it with my LinuxMCE installation. It is a pity but I hope that next version of TED Footprint will support Linux as well.

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