INSTEON for Europe


According to SmartLabs, Inc., founder and CEO Joe Dada INSTEON devices will be available in the UK and European market:

We will be entering the UK/Euro market with INSTEON either directly, or with one or more partners. Any input that we could get from your readers as to customer preferences (e.g. which products are most desireable) would be greatly helpful.

It’s very good news. Especially after Dan developed his GSD LinuxMCE interface for EZBridge and PLM.

[via AutomatedHome]

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    1. Dan Damron, 8. January 2008, 16:16

      Sweet! I know of a LOT of people who would JUMP at Insteon for Europe!

  • Dan Damron, 8. January 2008, 16:18

    Definately need Access Points to deal with different phases..
    LampLincs, SwitchLincs, and KeypadLincs…
    Why not follow the same products for NA?

    oh yeah, PLM’s are a must..

  • Colin Jones, 8. January 2008, 23:31

    Presuming that this means producing 220+V and 50Hz products, then it isn’t only Europe that these would serve, but in fact most of the rest of the world! Power connectors/recepticles standards notwithstanding, will you consider distributors in other parts of the world. I am based in Australia – the connectors used here are common with New Zealand, Argentina AND China. What possibilities do you see for this?

  • Mark McCall, 9. January 2008, 13:03

    Thanks for running our story Michael – original here

    It was good of Joe to give us that quote. Interesting times ahead.


  • Michael Stepanov, 10. January 2008, 16:52

    Sorry, Mark. I forgot to add the link to original post. Now it’s fixed 🙂 Thanks for the good blog about home automation!

  • Michael Stepanov, 10. January 2008, 16:55

    Yes, Colin, coming INSTEON products will work not only in Europe but in the rest the world, of course. BTW, you can use PLCBUS, Z-Wave or C-BUS, which is very popular in Australia, if I’m not wrong.

  • Guillermo, 29. May 2008, 22:19

    I’m from Argentina, and I’m looking forward for INSTEON to go 220v/50Hz.

  • Michael Stepanov, 1. June 2008, 2:37

    Hope we’ll get it this Summer or Autumn.

  • Roger, 22. September 2008, 2:30

    My flat is already done, just waiting for INSTEON 220/50Hz. When?

  • Michael Stepanov, 25. September 2008, 10:06

    Good question, Roger 🙂 I’m interested to play with European INSTEON too. But it seems that there is some delay with it.

  • Geir, 19. October 2008, 23:43

    Any updates on this?

  • Gravis, 3. February 2009, 1:26

    (bump) !
    Any update on this ?
    Is there a RSS feed or something to be informed of the availability ?


  • Michael Stepanov, 5. February 2009, 11:19

    For sure the information about European version of INSTEON can be found on its site. Currently I found there that the friquency for Europe is not finalized.

    BTW, why do not use Z-Wave? There is a big number devices adopted for European standard with reasonable price. I don’t think that INSTEON will be much cheaper.

  • Lionel, 15. September 2009, 11:19

    Anyone says “Vaporware” ? Tired of waiting, going with X10 or Luton.

  • Michael Stepanov, 15. September 2009, 11:39

    Why do not try Z-Wave? It’s much better then X10 but costs more pr less the same.

  • Insteon, 9. October 2009, 8:32

    Yea, that’s what I’ve been recommending to those who ask – No point in waiting around for Insteon when another technology exists today. That and Zigbee is looking more promising by the day…

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