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Control your home with iPhone or iTouch

Promixis iPhone

Promix, creator of home automation system Girder, announced its “iPod Touch and iPhone automation interface allowing you to control and monitor any aspect of your automated home from anywhere on this planet!” To see how it works watch the demo video from YouTube (low resolution) or from Promix site (high resolution).

iPhone and iTouch look nice as intelligent remote controls. They have WiFi, touchscreen and “finger-oriented” interface. So, it’s a good opportunity to adopt LinuxMCE Orbiter for them.

Note, to test that interface you should be lucky owner not iPhone or iTouch only but Promix Girder 5 build 523 and up!

Test version of INSTEON interface for LinuxMCE


LinuxMCE promised to include into coming version 0710 integration with INSTEON. Unfortunately, the release is delayed a bit (there is too much work, hopefully it’ll be at the end of December) but the INSTEON interface you can test even now. It’s implemented as Generic Serial Device (GSD) in Ruby and available in that forum thread. To be able play with it you have to have EZBridge, at least one INSTEON device and know how to add a new GSD device in LinuxMCE. All found bugs, problems, suggestion can be posted the same forum topic.

Monitor Home Power Usage with ViaSens

ViaSens home controller

Danish company Seluxit recently launched a new Z-Wave unit ViaSens. It connects to a PC via USB and collects data on all devices within the home control network equipped with radio sensors such as light switches and dimmers, thermostats and power meters. Using ViaSens together with a free Seluxit software homeowners can continually monitor the power consumption of their household and can optimize energy consumption by adjusting their device settings.

Seluxit also produces a few models of various sensors which can be used together with ViaSens. It’d be nice to know about support of third part Z-Wave devices. I suppose that it shouldn’t be a problem.

[via eHomeAutomation]

Portable HTPC

Portable PC Theater

YankoDesign presented its own original vision of home theater PC. It has modular architecture and sports (at least as I can see) projector, built-in speakers and CD/DVD drive. The design of that HTPC looks similar to Apple – the same stylish view. But this is definitely not bad! The label on the front panel tells us that concept uses Windows as OS. No more info. BTW, nice work!

Futuristic Omaura media center

Omaura HTPC

Omaura presented it concept of HTPC – TT. It looks like a stand for wide-screen plasma of LCD TV. And it’s supposed to be at the bottom of your TV to do not break view of entertainment area in your home.

There is no more information regarding TT. So, let’s wait till Omaura will release it. in the meanwhile visit Omaura web site to see its cases for HTPC. They are really cool – thick and stylish. The price is also not so hight as you can expect.

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