Nokia770/N800 as a LinuxMCE IP phone

Yesterday I tested Nokia770 and N800 as IP phones for LinuxMCE. I used Internet Communications Software for that. N800 was flashed by the latest OS2008 which already included it from the box. so, I just add a generic phone in LinuxMCE and setup a new SIP account on N800. After quick reload of router N800 connected to the Asterisk.

For Nokia770 I use OS2007 Hacker Edition. So, I followed by instructions from Internet Communications Software site and installed it successful regardless of the fact that the last package gave error. Finally, I added another generic phone to the LinuxMCE and configure SIP account on the Nokia770. After that I make a call from N800 to Nokia770. The quality of sound was good except a small echo (remember, I didn’t modify any options of Asterisk). But generally it was acceptable.

It’s really nice option to use Nokia770 or N800 as a SIP phone with Asterisk. But it’d be much better to integrate it into Orbiter. Maybe somebody knows howto do it.

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    1. jason, 3. January 2008, 9:11

      Does flashing the os affect the perfmence in any way? I am considering getting one of these devices to use as a universal remote with linux mce, and to add the phone capibility would be great.

  • Michael Stepanov, 3. January 2008, 21:30

    >Does flashing the os affect the perfmence in any way?
    Do you mean performance? Yes, the latest OS2008 increases of CPU speed (if I understand correctly). Also, there are improvements of WiFi connection, battery life and touchscreen sensitivity.

  • jason, 3. January 2008, 22:27

    Oh, so it makes things better. Thanks. Which model would you reccomend? Do you prefer these over the iphone or itouch?

  • Michael Stepanov, 4. January 2008, 11:01

    Sure 🙂 I like Nokia Internet Tablets. Waiting the chance to buy N810 🙂

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