MythTV on Windows


MythTV – a well-known open source software for media centers is based on Linux. If you’re interested at least to playback its files on windows have a look MythTV Filters for Windows on SourceForge. The main goal of that project is “to make almost any mediaplayer able to handle mythtv files including streaming files from the backend and watching LiveTV”.

[via MythtvNews]

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    1. Rob, 9. December 2007, 2:18


      IMHO there is also another interesting option for mythtv under Windows :


  • Jacob Lauritzen, 10. December 2007, 1:04

    Funny. I just wrote a post on this topic. There are more options for MythTV on Windows.
    Check out the post here:

  • Michael Stepanov, 11. December 2007, 15:32

    HI Jacob, most probably I came across your post. The link to it is added 🙂 BTW nice blog about MythTV!

  • Michael Stepanov, 11. December 2007, 15:35

    Rob, MythtvPlayer looks like a right way to play-back MythTV files under Windows. Thanks for the useful stuff!

  • Rob, 11. December 2007, 18:12

    I’m also really thankful to author of mythtvplayer. It rocks, specially in comparison with mythtv filters and rest of outdated apps… It works ok, and is really convenient to quickly see recordings also on your Windows laptop….

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