Enjoy your moives and music with Kaleidescape

Kaleidescape KEAOS

Kaleidescape, a proprietary multi-room audio/video system, has announced a release of its OS – KEAOS. New features of the version 3.5 include the ability to automatically synchronize music from a Kaleidescape System to iTunes on a PC, an iPod or other digital music player, new classical music interface that lets users personalize their classical music listening experience, greater data safety in the event of disk drive failure, and new options for sharing personalized movie scripts and favorite scenes with other Kaleidescape users.

Kaleidescape system may contain 1U or 3U Server, Movie Player 2, Music Player and Speed Reader to import large numbers of DVDs and CDs. It looks attractive but I didn’t any information about the price except that:

As the old sayings go, you get what you pay for, and quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

Agree but it’d be nice to know how much is each main component.

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    1. Sven, 8. December 2007, 15:03

      The price on this is about 35 thousand dollars.

      I am in the Mac home automation business.

      Check out my smarthome at 888MacDoctor.com


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