Control your thermostat via phone

Talking Thermostat

TalkingThermostats released recently a new family of talking thermostat – the Commstat CEO-24 and CEM-24. The thermostats “talks” to the homeowner, prompting for the system password, reporting the temperature, and asking if any changes should be made. Thanks to built-in telephone module, they allow to adjust a temperature in your home remotely via phone line. Additionally the CEO-24 and CEM-24 can call to one of three pre-defined phone numbers to report if the heating or cooling system fails.

The difference between CEO-24 and CEM-24 is that. CEO-24 doesn’t support heat pump applications and CEM-24 doesn’t have dual out capabilities.

The Commstat CEO-24 and CEM-24 are priced at $325.00 and $265.00 respectively. Also, you can find a few other models on the TalkinThermostats site.

[via CEPro]

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