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Happy New Year!

New Year

My dear readers of Smart Home Blog!

Happy New Year! I’d like to many thanks to you for staying with me and sharing your experience. Hope to see you here also in the new 2008 year! Best wishes for you and your family!

New version of Maemo MythTV client is coming

Mobile MythTv with EPG

As MythMaemo developers promised they implemented following features: program guide (EPG) support, creation of reminds (with alarm), manage of schedule record. Currently the changes are available in Subversion repository only but the package will be released on January.

LinuxMCE 0710 beta is out!

Finally LinuxMCE development team made a good present for all its users. The beta version 0710 is available for downloading and testing. Unfortunately, you can get it form Torrent only and the size of the image is 5.12GB. So, you should have dual layer DVD drive to be able to burn ISO.

Tune Nokia770 to use as LinuxMCE Orbiter

Many users of Nokia770 claim that the device work unstable as LinuxMCE Orbiter. The Orbiter crashes very often, especially on Video screen. So, I decided to make a brief research to make device more stable. Here is a few suggestions.
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LinxuMCE integration with INSTEON part 2: PLM


Recently I wrote about releasing of beta version of LinuxMCE and INSTEON integration. That integration is implemented as GSD and uses EZBridge to connect INSTEON network to PC. Now I found test code which allows to use another INSTEON adapter PLM. So, you can wait till 0710 will be released or test that functionality now to help developers find bugs and improve it before new version will be out.

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