MythTV + Z-Wave = HACKmyth


Recently I wrote about adding X10 automation functionality into MythTV interface. Now I’d like to introduce a way to integrate a modern wireless technology Z-Wave in your MythTV box. It’s called HACKmyth. It isn’t free: the basic unit costs $799 and extended version – $999. But you’ll able to control your lighting system and PVR from one user interface and using only one remote control of course.

I’d like to tell any bad words about HACKmyth. moreover, is good that Linux software is used in production systems. But IMHO it’d be better to buy FiireEngine with configured LinuxMCE which supports Z-Wave, X10, INSTEON (soon), includes MythTV, VDR, Asterisk and covers all areas of home for $799. In that case you’ll able to control almost all devices in your house.

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