SiteController for Irrigation & Lighting

SiteController for Irrigation and Lighting Controls

When I made a research of irrigation controller for our smarthome project one of the best options was Rain8. It satisfied all conditions except one – non-Windows user interface (our home automation system is Linux-based). SiteController for Irrigation & Lighting is deprived this lack. It includes built-in web servicer. So you’ll able to configure the SiteController using any web browser. Additionally it provies:

  • 16 stations standard, expandable to 48, with master valve control
  • Simple integration with home automation systems
  • Programmable sms, email and pager alerts
  • Standard 10/100 ethernet connection (possible add WiFi module)
  • Support for local weather station
  • Weather Resistant polycarbonate enclosure (NEMA3/IP54)
  • Simple front panel controls for test and maintenance
  • Optional two-wire expansion bus for additional sensors and controls

The SiteController for Irrigation & Lighting is available for pre-order at price $1,295.00.

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