MythTV and X10 integration

It’s pretty simple to have media center and lighting control in one box. Just install LinuxMCE… But if you already use MythTV and not going to break everything you may be interested in that thread. There is a simple explanation howto integrate X10 and MythTV using Perl scripts (MythX10 (887)) and flexibility of MythTV. I suspect this or similar approach is used on that video.

[via MythTV News]

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    1. Sabz5150, 15. November 2007, 1:15

      Less heyu and Perl, more PHP and bottlerocket 🙂

      The lighting server is its own beast. It simply runs Apache with PHP and the bottlerocket application. The app itself is a single PHP file and images for the floorplan and logo. Buttons can be set for any device and placed anywhere on the floorplan.


      It’s connection to Myth comes via curl. Commands can be passed directly to the script with curl, and allows for direct control by other applications such as Myth.

      Two commands in particular to this are MOVSTART and MOVEND. If you pass those commands with a unit code to the server, it will dim or brighten the unit by eight notches. I’ve found that this will usually bottom an x10 unit to it’s lowest setting. The frontend commands are a pair of one liner bash scripts that tells curl what to do. These are, of course, named movstart and movend.

      Finally, under the player option in Myth’s DVD settings, I entered this:

      movstart & xine –options,etc && movend

      It’s extremely simple and very effective. Since the commands are just simple one liners, custom theater settings can be made per frontend. It can also be used on a standalone system, just toss the PHP file anywhere Apache can reach, install bottlerocket, chmod 777 /your/serialport and you’re in business as far as having Myth control the lights. The frontend will obviously need a bit more work for your house and layout.

  • Vaughan, 18. December 2007, 23:17

    It seems there is a lot more you can do with x10 than people realise. Many think x10 is on it’s last legs but it is still the cheapest out there and relatively easy to program.

  • Michael Stepanov, 20. December 2007, 20:32

    Agree about X10 but INSTEON is more appropriate solution now IMHO. X10 has too many limitations.

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