Xbox Media Center API

XBox Media Center

Xbox is one of the best products produced by Microsoft IMHO. Using open source software XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) it can be tuned into full featured media center. LinxuMCE community tries to find a way to use Xbox as a media director but currently without luck. However, XboxMediaCenter offers a web based API to give a full control to the box – HTTP API. Currently there are two ready interfaces for ASP and Python. But since the API is pretty simple it’s easy to implement the same functionality on Ruby, Perl, PHP or other desired programming language. For LinuxMCE it might be good to create Ruby implementation and add the XBMC controller as Generic Serial Device (GSD).
Anyway, HTTP API is a good way to integrate Xbox in your home entertainment area. I’m thinking to create a Perl module or Maemo application for Nokia’s Internet Tablet. But I don’t have enough time and Xbox for testing 🙂

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    1. Jason, 7. January 2008, 1:46

      It would be unbelievably great if I could use an xbox as a linuxmce media director. You could outfit every room in the house for a fraction of the cost!

      I don’t have the technical knoledge to understand how likly it is to happen, however. What do you think?

  • Michael Stepanov, 7. January 2008, 10:30

    I agree that XBox is a good choice as MD. As I know it’s possible to install Ubuntu (I read some posts about it). So, it’d be possible to install MD software there (I hope) because LinuxMCE offers a way to create non-diskless MD (no need to boot it via PXE). I’m going to test Mac Mini first. And after that XBox probably.

  • Jason, 7. January 2008, 11:23

    Cool, I will certainly be checking back with you then!

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