Streaming video from MythTV to iPhone and IPod Touch


Recently I wrote about MaemoMyth which allows to watch TV streamed from the MythTV box to Nokia 770 and N800. Now it’s time for iPhone and ipod Touch to be clients for the open source PVR. Both gadgets handle a specific version of the MPEG-4 standard, as well as H264 video streams. So, that brief howto explains the way to make an iPod stream from your MythTV server. Additionally you can find there many working (I hope) scripts and code snippets.

Regarding to MaemoMyth. It does not just offer a way to display video stream on the Internet Tablet. It allows to use Nokia 770 or N800 as a full-featured MythTV client. But in case of iPhone or iPod Touch you get just possibility to watch video. Nothing more.

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    1. jason, 3. January 2008, 9:30

      I’m sure the client will appear at some point.

  • Michael Stepanov, 3. January 2008, 21:32

    For sure. If people will be interested to watch TV on IPhone they will develop the client 🙂

  • noshabibis, 23. January 2009, 20:02

    I hate that iPods can have better stuff but it has lots of restrictions. Creative MP3 let’s you do lots of stuff like the creative m vision it got the best MP3 in 2003 I think beating iPods score but the creative company discontinued it.

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