TV Weather Station

TV Weather Station

That weather station can display its data directly on your big plasma instead of small monochrome LCD monitor. It includes a temperature sensor together with radio transmitter, wind sensor and rain sensor. The information can be transmitted up to 60 meters (196.85ft) to the indoor receiver for displaying. The receiver, connected to the TV using RCA cable, analyzes 11 weather conditions and generates easy-to-read weather report.

I’m also thinking about creation of personal weather station. But my choice won’t be TV one. Because for me much more important to connect the weather station to the PC. In that case using special software like Oww and home automation system like LinuxMCE you can show weather report on PC, TV, Internet Tablet or smartphone.

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    1. Helen Franks, 6. November 2007, 23:50

      I like this device my uncle uses one of these at his work place. I can see the weather using our Interwatch system to monitor of Cyprus holiday home. Sun glorious sun!!!


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