VDR as set-top-box for IPTV


Recently I thought about integration IPTV and LinuxMCE. Since satellite or analog TV can be watched, paused and recorded by VDR or MythTV it’d be nice to have similar for IPTV. That plug-in for VDR offers such functionality. IPTV plug-in allows to manage IPTV channels same manner as for DVB once. It supports both multicast UDP/RTP and unicast HTTP MPEG1/2 transport streams. Moreover there is a possibility to get also other formats like MP3 radio streams, MMS video streams and so on.

Personally, I like VDR more and more. Especially after announcing next version LinuxMCE which should contain VDR as alternative to MythTV. But I don’t understand how to connect IPTV stream to the VDR box. All IPTV providers offer TV service only via their own set-top-box (STB). In case of using IPTV plug-in with VDR it’ll be like STB. Will providers allow that? I guess no. But idea is good: consumers get all types of TV in one place – VDR, IPTV providers don’t need a special equipment and UI. But this is just a dreams 🙂

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    1. kent, 29. December 2007, 6:35

      commercial iptv companies send mpeg 2 or mpeg 4 transport streams not program streams via multicast. they sometimes use encryption. you will have to know the multicast address and port to access the stream.

  • Michael Stepanov, 29. December 2007, 10:58

    Yes, encryption is a problem for that solution. As I know IPTV providers check MAC of STB. So, it won’t be possible to replace it by VDR box. But theoretically VDR can be used as a client for IPTV and it might be interesting solution.

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