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VUDU offers HD content


VUDU started to offer a HD video content. You have to have a fast Internet connection (about 3 Mbps), stylish VUDU box ($399.00), wide-screen TV (box supports resolution up to 1080p) and put 50 buck as deposit which will be used to pay ordered movies later. It’s possible to rent or buy selected movie, store it on the VUDU box internal storage (about 100 hours of video).

I checked the list of offered movies. It’s cool! Thinking about high-broadband Internet connection 🙂

MythTV + Z-Wave = HACKmyth


Recently I wrote about adding X10 automation functionality into MythTV interface. Now I’d like to introduce a way to integrate a modern wireless technology Z-Wave in your MythTV box. It’s called HACKmyth. It isn’t free: the basic unit costs $799 and extended version – $999. But you’ll able to control your lighting system and PVR from one user interface and using only one remote control of course.

I’d like to tell any bad words about HACKmyth. moreover, is good that Linux software is used in production systems. But IMHO it’d be better to buy FiireEngine with configured LinuxMCE which supports Z-Wave, X10, INSTEON (soon), includes MythTV, VDR, Asterisk and covers all areas of home for $799. In that case you’ll able to control almost all devices in your house.

Control of Motorized Devices via Z-Wave unit


Now you can control some motorized devices such window blinds or shutters, projector Screens or TV lifts using Z-Wave unit. ABMHZ motor control produced by Electronic Solutions offers that possibility. It is in a“Plug & Play” box and is compatible with most 115VAC motors.

With the ABMHZ Z-Wave motor control you can add Z-Wave capabilities to a wide variety of residential applications.

[via AutomatedHome]

LinuxMCE Subversion repository is up

Good news for all who are interested to use LinuxMCE. Now you can checkout the latest source code, contribute your patch and build the latest development version (0710). It’s recommended to download the a 371MB snapshot first. And then then updating it using svn update.

I already downloaded and unpacked it to be able to build the Nokia770/N800/N810 Orbiter for the coming 0710 version. Also I’ll try to build that version from the sources under VMware first to test it.

Media center inside the piano

PC in a piano

I saw many cool media centers but that one is most probably the coolest. Inside ordinary piano are placed an Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, 500GB HDD, CD/DVD burner, wireless keyboard and memory card reader. Additionally there are a 26-inch wide-screen Philips LCD HDTV/computer monitor with stereo speakers and a full-function remote control. All that stuff is controlled by XP Media Center Edition.

You can buy the Compiano (computer + piano) for $20K or play with eBuy – bid’s starting price is a cool $7K. You can see the Compiano in action on YouTube.

[via Gear Dairy]

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