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New home for MythTV themes

MythTV themes is a place where you can grub high quality themes for MythTV developed by Justin Hornsby. There are popular themes such ProjectGrayhem, Blootube, neon-wide and new ones. But note you cannot use those themes with MythTV built from SVN. They are suit for released versions only.

LinuxMCE 0710 is coming

LinuxMCE logo
Good news from LinuxMCE development team. The new version of LinuxMCE is going to be released by the end of November. That version will be based on Kubuntu 7.10 and will include following major changes:

  • Both a 32 and 64 bit version
  • Support for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray playback, as well as integration with MPlayer
  • 1080p on the nVidia graphics platform
  • Better integration with MythTV
  • The inclusion of VDR, popular with the European Satellite users
  • Naturally lots of bug fixes and tweaks

As you may see many significant improvements will be done in the entertainment area: full HDTV, MythTv and VDR. Daniel Kristjansson, one of the main developers for MythTV, will coordinate integration between MythTV and LinuxMCE. It’d be nice to find somebody from VDR community also.

Maemo 4.0 (Chinook) Beta environment

Maemo 4.0 (Chinook) Beta environment

Since Nokia announced its new Internet Tablet N810 all Maemo developers started thinking about porting their applications to the coming OS2008. To provide N810 owners possibility to control Plutohome/LinuxMCE systems from their devices I have to build the Orbiter for the new OS2008 (it also will be used for N800). To do that I need to setup an environment for it.

For Mistral, Gregale and Bora I have different VMWave images (the firs two I created and for Bora I downloaded existing one). So, I decided to find something similar for Chinook before setup it by myself. As result I got that VMWave image with Maemo 4.0 (Chinook) Beta environment. It’s about 2Gb but believe me it’s to be worthy of it (especially it’s available via HTTP not only via Torrent). The image includes everything you need to port or develop new Maemo application for coming OS2008. Or if you prefer to have SDK on your PC you may follow by that brief howto.

Pepper Computer is alive!


Pepper Computer, Inc. – producer Linux-bases UMPC PepperPad (its hardware part is given to the other company now) is not dead! The company faced with finance problems. So, there is a big changes in that company. The most important is an open sources of Pepper Linux IMHO (PepperPad uses that OS). It’s good. Especially after an amazing popularity of Nokia’s Internet Table Family: 770, N800 and coming N810. Hope that open source Pepper Linux will involve a lot of fans to produce a deserve competitor to Windows-based Origami UMPC.

VidaBox vCommand Software

VidaBox vCommand Software

VidaBox well-known producer PC based home media centers announced its new software – vCommander. vCommander helps to developers create an interface between their systems and VidaBox services and clients. The software is oriented mostly on AMX, Crestron and HAI (it includes pre-built templates for those systems). But vCommand can be used with any TCP/IP & RS-232 control system.

The vCommand offers following:

  • two way IP control protocol;
  • pre-defined templates for AMX & Crestron programmers;
  • live media transport, metadata and navigation feedback;
  • browse music, movies, recorded TV, videos and pictures;
  • control multiple VidaBox and extender systems;
  • direct access VidaBox interface navigation.

Personally, I like that tendency when producers of different systems offer a simple and clear interface between them based on common protocol (TCP in that case). It’ll make a life of integrator much easier.

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