Control your energy consumption with the Owl

The Owl

The Owl is a small but useful device which allows to measure energy consumption in your home easily. It contains three parts: sensor, sender box and remote monitor. To setup the Owl just clip the sensor around the live outgoing cable. Plug the sensor cable to the sender box and activate it. After that you will see some data on the LCD display of the remote monitor. Actually it show how much electricity is being used, how the cost of electricity per hour changes and how much harmful CO2 emissions the home is producing. Using the Owl you may save up to 25% of your electricity usage – a saving that translates directly to reducing your monthly bill and households’ harmful carbon emissions.

The Owl shows a full picture for your home. But sometimes it might be useful to use something like Kill-a-Watt to know how much energy is used by specified home appliance – fridge, microwave or home theater in stand-by mode.

You can buy the portable energy monitor Own here for £49.95. If you have a multiple phase (i. e. 3-phase) installations you have to buy additional sensor (£8.95).

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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