Reduce price of N800


After announcing next version of Nokia’s Internet Tablet N810 the price of N800 was reduced at $235 on and at $228 on Both on-line shops offer free ground deliver by UPS within US. Moreover, N800 is just $236.48 on but with the same delivery policy – only USA.

Anyway, it’s a good opportunity to get a powerful control panel for Plutohome/LinuxMCE for reasonable price. Waiting for the same offers in Europe.

UPDATED: Now it’s possible to buy N800 in UK for very attractive price – £149.99 (€215.15)! Most probably I’ll get it later from there because ships its stuff to Cyprus.

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    1. Andy Davies, 1. November 2007, 19:48 are currently advertising it at £149.99, but the availability has just moved from 31st Oct to 19th Nov, so I’ve canceled my order for now

  • Michael Stepanov, 2. November 2007, 10:17

    Good news! ships its stuff to Cyprus. If I didn’t win N810 contest I’ll buy N800 there 🙂

  • Mark Burton, 24. February 2008, 16:46

    Just spotted the interface you have on that N800 – could you tell me what package that is running, looks like some form of home automation control UI which I have been looking for, for a long time!


  • Michael Stepanov, 26. February 2008, 19:07

    Hi Mark.

    The interface which I ported to Maemo platform is a part of LinuxMCE – open source home automation system. So, have a look this and if you decide to try it this brief manual will help you setup the Orbiter on your N800.

  • Mark Burton, 26. February 2008, 19:30

    Thanks Michael – very interesting. We are installing KNX wiring in a property and looking at various media centre options. The N800 would make a great controller pad, but I wasn’t aware of anyone having software specifically for these functions.

  • Michael Stepanov, 26. February 2008, 20:27

    LinuxMCE has a basic support of EIB/KNX. Also it supports X10, INSTEON, PLCBus and Z-Wave. So, you can try it 🙂

  • Mark Burton, 26. February 2008, 20:56

    That’s fantastic, I had no idea. I like KNX from the point of view that its generally a little more ‘open’ than the many other ‘standards’, but it has been difficult to find many media products willing to support it. I’ll need to take a really good look at LinuxMCE now!!

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