VidaBox vCommand Software

VidaBox vCommand Software

VidaBox well-known producer PC based home media centers announced its new software – vCommander. vCommander helps to developers create an interface between their systems and VidaBox services and clients. The software is oriented mostly on AMX, Crestron and HAI (it includes pre-built templates for those systems). But vCommand can be used with any TCP/IP & RS-232 control system.

The vCommand offers following:

  • two way IP control protocol;
  • pre-defined templates for AMX & Crestron programmers;
  • live media transport, metadata and navigation feedback;
  • browse music, movies, recorded TV, videos and pictures;
  • control multiple VidaBox and extender systems;
  • direct access VidaBox interface navigation.

Personally, I like that tendency when producers of different systems offer a simple and clear interface between them based on common protocol (TCP in that case). It’ll make a life of integrator much easier.

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