Perl interface to X10

If you have a set of X10 devices but you don’t want to use some existing control system such LinuxMCE, Plutohome or MisterHouse, you can develop program interface with Perl. There are two Perl modules – ControlX10::CM11 and X10::Hom, which offer API to low-level X10 functions.

I didn’t test those modules in a practice but both of them seem more or less similar. X10::Hom is fresh. Its first version was released this year on June. ControlX10::CM11 wasn’t modified for seven years. So, you have to make decision by yourself with one you’d like to use.

Personally, I prefer to get some existing control system. But it’s useful sometimes to have possibility access to X10 directly from simple script. Especially, I like Perl and use it for years.

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