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LegendTV is a Java-based PVR

LegendTV is one of the Google Summer projects. Its goal is to create an alternative to MythTV for Linux-based machines. LegendTV has an architecture similar to MythTV – apparent separating to a front-end and a back-end. The front-end will handle playback via a Java3D-based GUI. The back-end will offer similar functionality as many existing PVRs: scheduling, recording, file management etc. Currently the project author concentrates on Linux version. But following by Java slogan “Written once, works everywhere” or something similar, versions for Windows and MacOs are also planned.

I can be wrong but IMHO Java technologies are too heavy and resource-intensive for home using. I don’t think that the LegendTV can be work efficiently on Pentium II with 256Mb RAM as VDR can. Anyway, let see how that project will grow. Basically, it’s good to have reasonable number of choices to build home media center.

Nokia770/N800 as a client for MythTV


Now you can watch media content from your MythTV back-end directly to your Nokia770 or N800. The new application – MaemoMyth uses gmyth library to connect to the server and get stream. In addition to MythTV back-end you need to install and configure the GMythStream transcode server to adopt video for Nokia – MPEG-4 and a short resolution (320×240).

EPG and recording schedules are not implemented yet and are planned in the next release.

To install MaemoMyth click here, source code can be found in Maemo Garage. Also you can watch a demo video which demonstrate the MaemoMyth in action.
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Lagotek Home Automation Video

Demo video of LagoTeks home automation system. It covers home control from their touchscreen controller for Entertainment systems, Intercom, HVAC, Irrigation, Security and Home Modes.

LinuxMCE success story #1: Core/Hybrid

LinuxMCE logo
As you may know Linux is more sensitive to drivers system than Windows. That’s why Windows dominates in the HTPC area. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot use Linux to build your home media center. You should just be carefully when you choose its components. Here is a list of hardware which work fine with open source home automation system LinuxMCE – support Alpha Blended GUI and HDTV:

  • Motherboard: Asus K8V
  • Processor: AMD64 3400
  • RAM: 2Gb
  • Video adapter: Nvidia 6600GT
  • HDD: as more as you want
  • CD/DVD writer: some
  • Remote control: FiireChief

Gefen HD Personal Video Recorders

Gefen High-Definition Personal Video Recorder

Interesting device is offered by American company Gefen – High-Definition Personal Video Recorder (PVR). Just plug it between your HD sources and TV and you’ll able to record and watch your favorite TV shows when you want. Moreover, you can scan storage devices for the contents that you want, and play music, look at digital picture albums or play back previously recorded video.

The HD PVR supports Composite/S-Video and analog audio, Component video and analog audio, and two HDMI inputs with S/PDIF audio. It outputs HDCP-compliant high definition video in the HDMI format with an additional S/PDIF output.

The Gefen HD-PVR is available on the Gelen site at $999.00. There is also a version for Standard Definition (SD) TV – SD PVR for $649.00.
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