Seven ways to measure energy consumption

Smarthome should not only help to automate some routine operations but it has to save energy as well. Here is a list of seven devices which offer you possibility to measure en energy consumption.

  • Kill-a-Watt. I already wrote about that useful gadget. It should be plugged into an outlet and then an appliance should be plugged into the Kill-a-Watt. This way you’ll able to see the real-time energy consumption of that appliance.
  • Elecrtisave is a portable a whole-house monitor. It contains a two parts: measurement module which transmits data to the display by radio frequency. The price of the Elecrtisave is about £50.00.
  • TED (The Energy Detective) is also a portable system for whole-home energy monitoring system. Its features and price are similar to Elecrtisave – $140 USD.
  • Wattson is a whole-home energy monitoring system. It’s stylish and allows to record measurement history. Just connect the display unit to the PC via USB port and use Wittson software. The price of the Wattson is £125.00 including software.
  • PowerCost Monitor is also a whole-home energy monitoring system. It also includes two parts: a sensor and a display. The PowerCost Monitor doesn’t give a possibility to connect to the PC. Instead of than it shows pick consumption for the last 24 hours, emulator of outside meter disk, current and total spent amount and outside temperature. The price of the PowerCost Monitor is $135.00 USD.
  • EML 2020 is another a whole-home and individual appliance energy monitoring. Included software and USB cable for computer tracking of data it allows to measure the power consumption of individual 110/120V plug-in appliances or the total energy consumption of your home. For advanced features you should pay $629.00.
  • Home Joule is an energy monitor of new generation. It not only shows an energy consumption but it also calculate its cost according to current energy price. That price is received from the regional market where you live or (if available) from advanced metering in your space. The Home Joule is not released yet. So, there is no any words about its price and availability.

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    1. Vaughan, 19. December 2007, 1:19

      Yes smart homes have to actually benefit us if they are going to take off because at the moment many see them as a luxury for the rich but they can be so much more. As you mentioned in this post they can save energy but smart homes can also benefit those with disabilities, for example, someone who is visually impaired may not be able to see typical household controls like timer controls on a microwave but imagine a speec-recognition system that could make it so much easier.

  • Josh, 31. May 2011, 21:30

    Your first one the Kill-a-watt alone has made a huge difference in my energy bill. I use the EZ version and it says the price I'm paying and I got sick seeing how much I wasted .

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